10 Things You Need To Know Before Your First CrossFit Workout

CrossFit is a dynamic combination of strength and explosiveness exercises, perfectly dissolves calories, strengthens muscles, relieves stress, workouts are fun and intense, so anyone who suits such a pace, even if you are an amateur, CrossFit can become a new type of activity.

If you’re already thinking in that direction, you’ll be glad to read the opinion of one “in love CrossFiter” who revealed what it would be good to know before you even start.

“My impression of CrossFit before I started was significantly different from what I conclude today. I remember thinking before that only the craziest fitness addicts, adrenaline junkies, muscular carcasses train here for sure, but my team is made up of the most diverse People, both amateurs and fitness addicts, young and old, everyone works as much as and when they can, and yet we all act as a team with full support for each member, making it easier to push our limits, and not only that. change: I am no longer focused on how I look, but on what my body can do now, ”revealed Jenny Sugar, active author of the Pop Sugar Fitness portal, and went on to explain all the flaws and virtues of CrossFit. That is, oops, virtues because there are almost no flaws …

And so know:

Trust people when they say CrossFit is great

It may seem to you now that switching truck tires and consciously embarking on insane challenges to the Marines doesn’t look so glamorous, but I now join everyone who says how great it is. Every new venture is better than any medal I have won so far in sports competitions. Here you fight only for yourself.

Crossfit is good for weight loss

When properly done, CrossFit is a very effective means of weight loss. However, it must be done propriate and with real expert recommendations to avoid horrendous side-effects.

The team is where you are

You don’t have to go to a few places to hang out with like-minded people, they’re there when you are. I can say that this detail at CrossFit really fascinated me, when you realize how your like-minded people enjoy it as much as you do and follow your and your results with the same gleam in your eye. It’s such an incentive that training comes to you as socializing with a lot of good consequences.

No bad exerciser

No one will laugh at you or criticize you if you can’t do something. You will be able to, at least you know that in CrossFit … Little by little, while others will loudly encourage you to be the best version of yourself every day.

You don’t have to be an athlete to get started

As any CrossFiter will tell you, this is where everyone started from scratch, whether they are a complete amateur or an already well-trained person. Everyone works with their intensity.

You will see the results if you follow the rules

Like any other activity, CrossFit, no matter how vicious and intense it may sound, gives results if you follow the basic rules – be regular in training, eat less than you spend and make sure your CrossFit diet is your ally. Then the results will come relatively quickly. Purely not to be disappointed if you have already tried CrossFit, but you were not consistent so your results were not like that either.

You don’t need to eat strictly “clean” food

Maybe professionals eat exclusively according to the “school” regime of healthy food before the competition, so if you are “only” a recreationalist, feel free to give yourself a little freedom, but make sure it is still moderate.

How hard is CrossFit?

If you don’t know what to expect, don’t think that training from the first to the last minute is done strictly intensively. In an hour, which previously sounded unbearable to me (compared to an hour of running), there is first a light warm-up, then a series of strength exercises with weights, with regular breaks between sets, and only the last part of the training is done. madness “which at the same time strengthens strength and explosiveness.

These exercises are short and harder than I initially thought, and yet, when I look at those hours now, I see how much the whole training concept is actually a lot easier.

If you are afraid of injury, you need to know this advice

One of the things that bother many when they even think about CrossFit is injuries. Yes, it’s easy to imagine that all of these exercises could lead to injury at some point, but that’s why professionals will tell you: listen to your body. No matter how much you train on a team, never compare yourself to others or “borrow” someone’s pace. Then you can easily screw up and get hurt, because you have accelerated or increased the rhythm, without your body already signaling you to reduce it.

No problems getting up early

When you can already do everything you do in training, it would be illogical if you can’t get out of bed in the morning. When your body knows why it’s all working, believe me, then it will be easier for the brain to force you to exercise, even though you have to wake up at 4:30 for it.