8 Best Link Building Practices You Must Know

Undoubtedly, SEO is the best alternative to get your site recognized globally by various search engines. Effective SEO makes your site more relevant, accessible and indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In SEO, Link Building, PPC, Social Media Marketing etc are some of the most common methods that people adopt. Merely knowing definition of these terms doesn’t make your site get analyzed by search engines. Effective and aggressive SEO approach is the key to get recognition globally leading to more traffic, sales and profits.

You may encounter numerous Edmonton SEO firms giving promises to take your businesses at heights. But make sure to shake hands with those having extensive experience and name in SEO industry. Several people consider link building as a flop show aiming to remove it from SEO methods. But reality is different, robust and relevant link building can get you significant results in less time. The best link building practices includes:

1. Relevant Anchor Text

Anchor text should not aim to attract search engines rather it needs to reflect the content of the Webpage. Just mere alteration in the anchor text can get high rank to the site.

2. Deep Links

Don’t constraint the links to one or two web pages. They must be sprinkled all over the website. There is no sure shot way to judge the link ratio as different sites behave differently in this context. For instance, blogs are most likely to have more deep links than any other general website.

3. Indirect Link Building

Indirect link building boosts up the ranking of the site. The promotion of sites linking to you can also work in your favor.

4. Alter No-Follow as Do-Follow

No follow links give indications to the search engines to not to give any credit to that particular link. Though, no-follow links are considered worthless but yet they are essential to balance the back link structure.

5. Backlinks from High to Low PR Sites

Don’t just run after high PR sites for back links, rather create a mix of high and low PR sites. Moreover, remember to balance the amount of links as eventually quality is preferred than quantity.

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6. Link Diversity

Link diversity is essential. Let the site links float over the online ocean. Diversification lead to long term rank stability of site.

7. Link Building Strategies

Apply various link building strategies to achieve the ultimate goal. A long-tail keyword can prove to be more profitable for getting instant boost.

8. Don’t Indulge in Link Farming or Link Exchanging

Spam linking or link farming might get you instant success. But such success has a short lifespan. So try to keep yourself away from such activities. Incorporate yourself into an organic link exchange network. Consult the SEO experts to understand the basic and advanced level link building.

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