Apple iPad Pro, Air get detailed battery health menu similar to iPhone 15 | Tech News

The newly launched iPad Pro and iPad Air are reportedly getting a “Battery Health” menu option similar to the iPhone 15 series. According to a report by MacRumors, the new iPad models that it launched at the “Let Loose” event on May 7 are getting a battery health monitor menu in settings with iPadOS 17.5. However, the feature is not available on older generation models.

According to the report, a new Battery Health menu appears within the Battery option in the Settings app. It offers detailed information on the Battery’s Maximum Capacity, Healthy, Cycle Count and an 80 per cent charging limit option. Additionally, users can also view details about the Battery’s manufacturing date and when it was first used. As per the report, the new menu for iPads is identical to the one Apple introduced with the iPhone 15 series.

According to the report, the 80 per cent charging limit option on the new iPads is different from the “Optimised Battery Charging” feature on earlier iPhone models that just delays the charging past the 80 per cent mark. With the new limiter option, the iPad will not charge beyond 80 per cent except for rare occasions for “Maintaining accurate battery state-of-charge estimates.”

Apple offers a similar Battery Health Manager option on its MacBooks that allows users to limit the maximum charging capacity to 80 per cent. MacBook users might keep the device plugged-in while using and this might cause the battery health to drop in the long term. With the new iPads getting closer to MacBooks in terms of functionality, Apple has started incorporating similar features.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz