Forspoken is going full Sailor Moon in new story DLC

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I’m one of the handful of people who actually enjoyed Forspoken. Despite its flaws (and yeah, my glowing review aside, it is a flawed game) I saw a solid story with interesting characters and a unique combat and traversal system that was genuinely fun to play. So the announcement of new story DLC for the game has me pleased that I’ll have another opportunity to hardcore parkour my way through Athia.

Spoilers for Forspoken to follow.

In Tanta We Trust is set to take place 25 years before the events of Forspoken and will feature Frey venturing into the past to team up with her mother during a great battle. One of my biggest complaints about Forspoken is that Frey didn’t get enough time to process the revelation of who her mother was and why she was abandoned in New York (and not with her father’s family??), and the DLC seems like it’ll address some of those issues.

Also, Forspoken is essentially a Black magical girl isekai. Sending Frey back in time to fight and potentially bond with a younger version of her mother? That’s just the second season of Sailor Moon, and my “Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!” obsessed ass is here for it!

In perusing the press release for the DLC, my interest was piqued by this little tidbit: “scale to new heights in unique, vertically-designed environments with Frey’s honed magic-enhanced parkour skills.” Oh, word? The magical parkour is the shining highlight of the game, and tweaking the combat system to make better use of it is exactly what this game needs.

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust launches on May 26th on PS5 and PC.

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