HBO Max’s Clone High teaser reminds us that everything that’s old is new again

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Ahead of its debut this spring, HBO Max just dropped the first teaser trailer for the Clone High revival, which seems like it’s going to pick right back up where the original MTV series left off. 

Though Gandhi won’t be coming back in the new show, all it takes is a little bit of heat from a set of blow-dryers to unfreeze the teenaged versions of Abe Lincoln (Will Forte), Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), JFK (Chris Miller), and Cleopatra (Mitra Jouhari) — all of whom are pawns in their school’s plot to overthrow various world governments. While none of the clones really know about “Operation Spread Eagle” and how they factor into it, the trailer makes clear that the revival will follow them back to school, where they continue to unwittingly reveal which of them’s fittest to be sent out into the world as a disruptive sleeper agent.

The trailer also gives off the impression that the new Clone High’s going to give a lot more screentime to the series’ other clones like Harriet Tubman (Ayo Edebiri), Frida Kahlo (Vicci Martinez), Confucius (Kelvin Yu), and Sacagawea (Jana Schmieding), which hopefully means that when the show premieres in the next few weeks, it won’t simply feel like a rehash.

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