Making a Fitness Mobile App – Cost Analysis

WIth the COVID-19 pandemic entering a new chapter, businesses are now reopening slowly after everyone was forced into a lockdown last year. Masks still need to be worn but only in hard-hit places. A lot were sent into self-isolation (which in fact has taken its toll on many).

Maintaining health became everybody’s top priority, both physical and mental. Remaining competitive in today’s world is requiring a lot. How come? because each firm and their employee have a chance and need one to maintain good health.

In this regard, one of the best app development companies in Dallas is currently enjoying the prospect of making a fitness mobile app to help people recreate an exercise routine.

Not only will the fitness app help keep people alert and prevent them from missing out on workouts but will also give the app development companies incentives, revenues, and profits. In case an app development company does not know how to start developing such an app, time for them to read this post.

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What are the kinds of fitness apps available in the market today?

If app development teams at app development firms believe that they can start easily using their own processes for developing fitness apps at their earliest, then they need to start but only gradually. Why? Because it is imperative to know the kind of fitness app that should be created.

Here are some kinds of fitness apps that can be developed:

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Everybody needs to have a diet that can help them stay healthy, energetic, and fit void of any fat and other bad stuff. Nutrition and diet apps can be added among the many app ideas for fitness apps. These apps can help users obtain details such as sugar intake levels, calories eaten and consumed, water intake, preference of food dishes, food items, and the like.

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Such a fitness app works as a digital dietician and is thus able to assist people in following a really good & healthy diet plan.

App For Tracking Fitness & Related Activities

Apps for tracking fitness activity are among the best things to make for app development firms. They also can focus on such ideas. In fact, these apps are downloaded by a lot of people because they are helpful in tracking the physical actions of people such as swimming, jogging, running, walking, cycling, and the like.

These types of apps often employ motion sensors in smartphones of users which work together with GPS in order to track users’ movements. These apps also offer reliable data regarding activities like running, figures for stairs climbed, water intake, the number of hours slept, and vice versa.

The data these apps provide will help both users and their physicians in making further health-related decisions and keep track of their health.

Workout Apps

A workout app is a good idea among the choices for many fitness apps present. Why? Because chances of success from such apps are high and that these apps can help people create indoor gym-like environments whenever they exercise. Global app revenues, in general, rose to USD$ 365.2 billion in 2018 from these apps.

Research findings indicate that these figures can rise even more in the coming years. Companies looking forward to creating such an app for either IOS or Android platforms should realize that they are on the right path.

What Kind of Technology Stack is Needed?

For making these round-the-clock fitness apps, the technologies needed by app development firms determine how convenient it will be for users. Deploying these technologies for creating fitness apps is mandatory:

  • Programming – GWT.
  • Operating system – Debian.
  • Data management – Datastax.
  • Authentication – Nexmo & Twilio.
  • Push notifications – Twilio &
  • Payment gateways – E Wallets, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and the like.
  • Real-time analytics – Big Data, Cisco, Apache Flink, Hadoop IBM, Spark, etc.
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, MailChimp Integration, Cassandra, etc.

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Features To Consider

The competition for fitness apps is rising these days. For those wishing to make their own fitness app, the features of such should stand out and benefit users beyond conventional margins. Among the features that are needed are as under:

  • Rewards
  • User profiles.
  • Payment methods.
  • Users’ Geographical location(s).
  • Synchronization of wearable devices.