Portraits and Artists: What Should You Know?

Portraits are artworks in which painting, sculpture, or a photograph focus on the face or expression of a person or group of people. It can even involve animals where people get portraits of their pets made from portrait artists.

A portrait includes a subject, the artist, and the audience. Portraits depict the subject’s appearance, personality, and moods as well. Some of the types of portraits are:

  • Self-portrait – In this, the artist covers self
  • Portrait photography
  • Two-dimensional portrait painting
  • Three-dimensional portrait sculptures

History of Portraits

The earliest evidence of portraits was found in Egypt, in the Fayum district funerals. Gradually, Romans caught up as well through their Greek-inspired sculptures. The trend of portraits grew by the 4th century. One of the oldest civilizations to indulge in portraiture was the Moche Civilization (100-800).

The paintings of medieval kings of the 5th – 10th centuries did not present the real appearance of those kings. Rather, these portraits portrayed the rulers how they wanted to be presented to the world. These portraits were made in the political, societal, and historical context in which the king wanted to be viewed by the rest of the world.

When it comes to the portraits of the Late Medieval period (1300 – 1499), they were incredible visually due to their composite emblematic content. Everything from the arrangement of the subject and the background images to the objects in the picture, all indicated deep connotation.

Considerations for Choosing a Portrait Artist

Having established a brief history of portraits, let’s now take a look at some of the important considerations that you should look for when looking for an ideal portrait artist so that you can have an incredible portrait paint you can proudly present in your home for years and even decades to come.

When you have a personalized art created for you, it is something significant and an important process that requires you to put a lot of thought into:

Get Information

This is the first thing you need to do. Creating art is painstakingly hard work. That’s why these are expensive as well. So, you need to make this decision fully informed. Get knowledge about the artists in your vicinity or city even that can create a personalized portrait for you in your price range.

You have to ensure that you are going to get the best value for your money when purchasing an artwork you plan to display on a focal wall in your home where everyone gets to see and appreciate it. When taken care of properly, portraits can last for decades.

Boost Aesthetic Value

When it comes to portraits or any other kind of artwork, they should add to the aesthetic value of your home. Artworks are seen and enjoyed much longer than conventional gifts.

Check Portfolio

This is inevitable. This serves the purpose of proof of the artist’s work. You can check the artist’s portfolio on their website. If not, you can ask them to see their previous work personally. And when you do, ask yourself a few questions. Do you like their style of working? Would it go with the rest of your home? Have you seen enough examples of their work to decide? Do they have all good works or one-two good works?

An important consideration is the choice of colors they use. Some artists prefer to stick to a particular palette. If you like brighter colors, ask them if they use those. If they use only browns and grays, continue your search. Also take into consideration the artist’s medium such as oil, charcoal, or watercolor. If you like their work and not the medium, ask them if they work in the medium of your choice. In case they have previously worked in that medium, ask them to show you their work.

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You must find someone excellent to work with. They should have a personality you can get along with or it will be a very unpleasant experience to work with them. Collect as many references as you can from both current and former customers of the person you are considering to create a portrait for you.

Don’t know where to begin? There are always the art galleries and art center Dubai where you can see the work of both established and emerging artists. From there you can make your pick and then follow the tips mentioned above.