Either you are 30 or 40 but your skin makes you look older than your actual age. It seemed to be growing faster than your body. Well, you must be seeking some natural ways to reduce wrinkles. After all, no one is more inclined to go through surgeries or other advanced methods when you can do it easily with natural items.

Even, a lot of people have given up and think that wrinkling of the skin is inevitable. However, in this modern era, there are some new technologies that can help you with this problem. When your is fresh, unwrinkled, you look young, you feel young and face the world more confidently.

Wrinkles are actually the folding of skin that occurs when you grow. In younger adults and kids, the skin produces elastin fiber that keeps it intact preventing it from loosening up. The elastin protein and collagen fibers keep your skin young. It intercepts the mechanism of wrinkle formation. Apart from these, many other factors also attribute to it. Wrinkling of the skin is a natural process and there is no harm in it but when you can do something about it so why not?

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This article covers all the brand-newmethods and information to reduce wrinkles as much as possible. As we all deserve to be happy and be young.


As the name suggests, sunscreen protects your skin from UV light and other harmful light rays present in sunlight. Along with the many advantages of sunscreen, it also keeps your skin fresh. A sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of more than 30 can lower the chances of getting skin cancer. It also slows down the aging process.

You can make it a habit. Always wear sunscreen when going out. It only takes few seconds to apply, and you are good to go. Although, it does provide lifelong advantages. Even, many scientists suggest using it on cloudy and rainy days to protect your skin from dust particles and toxins.


As there are discoveries in the medical field. Researchers are providing more data about how unhealthy high sugar diet is. An excessive amount of sugar level in your body results in the formation of anti-collagen protein. As you already know collagen is the main part of the skin layer.

When the sugar toxins deposit on skin collagens it damages the shape causing the formation of wrinkles. Their anti-collagen proteins are also formed with oil-rich diets. So, you have to keep a check on it too. Controlling sugar and oil intake can help you retain the freshness of your beautiful skin.


Keeping aside the many cons of smoking. Our foremost concern is that it can also damage your skin. Even, in a recent study, several twins were examined. Few of them smoked and others did not. Those who were regular smokers had more wrinkled skin as compared to the ones who did not smoke.

On the other hand, it can cause activation of toxins and release of cancerous causing agents in your body. To achieve unwrinkled skin, you got to quit smoking.


Coconut oil moisturizes the skin naturally. When you use it on regular basis, it keeps the epidermis of your skin fresh, fills all holes, and enhances the healing process. Our skin is a living organ, there are continuous wearing and tearing of its cells. With a fresh layer of coconut oil covering, it keeps it young.

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Coconut oil is also a great remedy to reduce dryness on your face. Sometimes scalp dryness causes a dry and wrinkled face causing you to look old. Coconut oil is an ideal treatment for that.


There are many anti-wrinkling creams and formulas available in cosmetic shops claiming to contain vitamin A. with a huge variety in the market, you cannot trust the authenticity of a product. You can easily get vitamin A capsules, they come in a transparent green or brown capsule. Simply, open it up and use it on the skin.  Moreover, oral intake of beta carotene and vitamin A reduces skin aging.


If you care about your skin, taking some extra minutes to rinse some water on your face might not seem like a huge task. Our daily routine includes make-up and slight touch-ups. Skin can absorb it if not washed off in a limited time.

Since, all the products are manufactured of harsh, toxic chemicals with the potential to damage the skin. It causes free radicals to injure the skin epithelium and inner layers. Although, do not wipe your face harshly as it can damage the top-most covering. Always remember to clean your face before you go to bed.


It is a new method to reduce wrinkles on your face. A recent study shows that lemon balm leaf tea makes your body skin elastic, fresh and repairs damage more efficaciously.


When your skin collides with something hard, it becomes compressed. For a few minutes or seconds, it is fine but when you sleep it can cause an adverse effect. Sleeping is usually a healing process of damaged skin, vessels, and other parts of the body.  Well, the pressing or you can call compression causes the formation of wrinkles.

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The ideal position to cause fewer wrinkles is to sleep on your back. It has two advantages; one is that you get fresh and proper breathing. Well, oxygenated blood is supplied throughout the body, it helps heal faster and secondly fewer chances of skin wrinkles. Along with proper positioning get proper sleep in the night, it helps your body grow fast. As stress can also be an aggravating factor for originating wrinkles. To help you with stress you can look up emotional support animal letter online. Make your life easy, simple, be stress-free.


Excessive wrinkles are something to be concerned about. You may need to take care of it properly with extra precautions. Before something like that happens, it is much better to save your skin before the damage.