Twitter adds new feature for iOS users to see bookmark counts on tweets

Micro-blogging platform Twitter on Friday announced that iOS users will now see bookmark counts on tweets.

The company tweeted from its ‘Twitter Support’ account: “We love Bookmarks for saving Tweets to revisit later. Starting today on iOS, you’ll now see the total number of times a Tweet has been bookmarked on Tweet details.”

“Don’t worry, though — your Bookmarks are still private. We’ll never display which accounts have added a Tweet to their Bookmarks,” it added.

On the new feature’s help page, the company mentioned that it is planning to expand this feature.

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Everyone on the platform can see bookmark counts on tweets, whether they are the author or the reader.

In January this year, Twitter CEO Elon Musk had promised a feature that will allow users to easily bookmark tweets, and later the platform started rolling it out on iOS.

The new feature displays the bookmark option under the expanded tweet view which makes it easier for users to add a post to their bookmarks.

Meanwhile, last month, the micro-blogging platform had removed captions from its social audio rooms ‘Spaces’ on iOS.



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