Wyze may be about to release a new outdoor camera and floodlight cam

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The Wyze Cam Outdoor Pro (or possibly Wyze Battery Cam Pro) looks to be an upgrade of the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2, adding 2K video resolution. The new Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro also appears to be getting a 2K resolution bump over the original 1080p model, in keeping with Wyze’s new line of Pro cameras, as well as possibly more flood lighting.

Zatz says his info comes from details hidden in the Wyze Android app APK, filings at the Bluetooth SIG, and from other sources. The Verge was able to confirm that a filing for the Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro appears in the Bluetooth group’s qualification list.

Renderings show the new Cam Outdoor Pro with a significantly different form factor from that of the standard square Wyze Cam, possibly to incorporate a removable battery.

This would be a first for Wyze: its existing battery-powered cameras have to be charged in place. A removable battery is more convenient as you don’t need to take the whole camera down to charge it. This is a path Ring has successfully followed; it uses removable batteries in all of its wireless cameras.

The new Wyze Cam Outdoor Pro may have a different form factor from Wyze’s existing lineup.
Image: Zatznotfunny.com

Zatz speculates that, in addition to 2K video, the Cam Outdoor Pro may have an improved speaker and mics, plus a faster live view. Renderings also show a microSD card to enable local recording, and Zatz says it appears the new camera will not require a separate base station, unlike the v2. This would explain its bulkier form factor, it will need a bigger battery if it relies directly on Wi-Fi, which uses a lot of power.

The inside of the Wyze outdoor camera shows space for a removable battery and an SD card for local recordings.

The inside of the Wyze outdoor camera shows space for a removable battery and an SD card for local recordings.
Image: Zatznotfunny.com

There’s no pricing yet on this Wyze model, but the big difference seems to be a purpose-built dome-style camera rather than just adding Wyze Cam v3 onto some floodlights (as is the case with the Wyze Cam Floodlight).

Whether this will supplant the ability to add a second Wyze Cam to see around corners (which you can do with the current model), we’ll have to wait and see. Zatz posits it may be a pan-and-tilt camera and that it may come with more floodlights than the previous model.

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