Elodie Games raises $32.5M to create crossplay co-op games

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Elodie Games has raised $32.5 million to create crossplay co-op games that run across the Computer, consoles, and mobile devices.

The Venice, California-based corporation previously raised $5 million in February 2020, just ahead of the pandemic brought big adjustments to gaming. Fast-forward to today and game studio valuations are substantially greater, and Elodie Games has been in a position to prove its talent with a little “combat demo” that represents a 15-minute slice of the gameplay, stated cofounder Christina Norman in an interview with GamesBeat.

Norman and David Banks, two veterans of Riot Games with several years of practical experience in the sector, began the corporation in 2019. Now it has more than 30 folks. That’s the type of progress that aids a corporation get a significant round, and it does not hurt that we’re amid a gaming boom accelerated by enhanced demand for games in the pandemic.

Galaxy Interactive and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) led the round, and Galaxy’s Sam Englebardt and Andreessen Horowitz’s Jonathan Lai will join Elodie’s board. The round also incorporated investment from Brian Cho of Patron and Chris Ovitz of Electric Ant.


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” We’re getting into a golden age for startup game studios, exactly where the incredibly very best and most verified developers at the significant legacy publishers lastly have the assistance they’ve required to step out on their personal and create the games they’ve been dreaming about in a culture exactly where they can thrive,” stated Englebardt in an e mail to GamesBeat. “Banks and Christina epitomize this concept and we’re thrilled to be able to support them on the journey.”

Image Credit: Elodie Games

Banks stated the corporation desires to make games that provide on 3 core pillars: deep co-op gameplay, endlessly engaging experiences, and seamless cross-play across Computer, mobile, and console.

The mission is to bring buddies closer collectively by means of play, anytime, anyplace. The corporation is not disclosing any information of the game but other than that it is in pre-alpha testing.

The corporation will use the revenue to program its development and accelerates game development so it can get to a international audience quicker. Banks also stated the corporation desires to make a healthier and inclusive work atmosphere. He stated the corporation continues to search for a diverse array of talented folks.

The group has a hybrid work model with each in-workplace assistance and remote staff. Norman has 15 years of game style and leadership practical experience working on games like BioWare’s Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 Riot Games’ League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift. She was style director on Wild Rift. Banks has in depth startup and game development practical experience, previously serving as executive producer of League of Legends at Riot Games.


Image Credit: Elodie Games

I spoke to Norman and Banks in February 2020, and Norman stated she remembered that time fondly for the reason that she was in an workplace with Banks and a couple of colleagues at the time.

“Five weeks later, we go into lockdown, and the whole world turns on its head,” Banks stated. “And in that time, we built a small core team of about 10 or 12 people. And we spent most of 2020 pursuing the basic premise of the game thesis.”

The game began taking shape with veterans from Riot, Blizzard, and more lately BioWare.

“We’ve also been able to pull in folks who are newer in the industry, and trying to open up positions to, bring folks in who are early in their careers as well,” Norman stated. “We’ve been super humbled by the folks who’ve shown up at the door and say, ‘Hey, can we work together?’”

And at Norman’s path, the group came up with the combat demo.

“We were just trying to capture the experience of 15 minutes of you playing the game with friends,” Norman stated. “When I develop games, I always like trying to, as early as possible, produce something like that, because it’s really valuable for the team. It just brings everyone together to say, ‘Hey, this is the experience we’re going for.’ And, and we want to make it even better.”

Raising revenue

Based on the demo, they produced a “sizzle video” and then went on an investor roadshow to raise revenue this year, Banks stated. The group went on to do cool playtests, acquiring them excited about what they have been generating. And all of that helped with the investors.

Banks stated that the group zeroed in on the selected investors, and they asked a lot of inquiries that helped the group figure out more about the game.

“This is my first time in a role where I’m interacting directly with investors. And what I’ve been really happy about is they just ask great questions,” Norman stated. “The investors we’re working with really deeply understand games. They’re coming at it from their perspective. But I feel that we’ve actually improved, this whole process has actually improved our understanding of what the product should be. And that’s great. What more can you ask for from an investor?”

That helped make the entire course of action of raising revenue simpler.

“We’re not about creating buzz to try and impress investors necessarily like we’re making a game and really just aligning our development practices around this idea that first and foremost we’re making a game,” Norman stated.

So far, the corporation has focused on “responsible growth,” stated Norman. Hiring hasn’t been a challenge, and now it will be simpler with the new funding. But Norman stated they didn’t want to explode the group size also early.

Creating a culture

Elodie Games has raised $32.5 million in a second funding round.

Image Credit: Elodie Games

I asked about how new studios have a opportunity to make the correct culture from the ground up, and that other providers — as an instance Activision Blizzard — have created cultures that have been accused of enabling issues to fester such as sex discrimination. A state agency has sued Activision Blizzard, one of the largest providers in the sector, about that, and some thing equivalent occurred at Riot Games ahead of that. I asked if this was a explanation that beginning a new studio was desirable for the reason that of the opportunity to get the culture correct from the start out.

“That’s definitely what we’re trying to do,” Norman stated. “I think we’ve all been sad. It’s saddening news. And it’s disappointing to us. And it just reinforces for us that we need to do better. And no matter how good things are at any moment, we need to remain vigilant.”

Banks added, “I agree we have an opportunity to start fresh.”

One of the issues they attempted to do correct was setting up the studio for remote work. They attempted consistently communicating with the group, acquiring feedback on what was working, discovering out what everybody required to do their jobs far better, Banks stated. That can transform as the pandemic adjustments and folks transform with it.

“We have this philosophy of we’ll be a remote-first hybrid company,” Norman stated. “I think this is a competitive advantage for us with hiring as well. Talent is valuable, and a lot of developers are finding now that they don’t want to return to a full-time office.”

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