Historic demand leads to a 39% raise in GPU shipments in Q1 2021

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Graphics-card vendors are shipping a massive quantity of their merchandise to attempt to meet the improved worldwide demand for GPUs. This led to a 38.74% year-more than-year raise in video card shipments in Q1 2021, according to sector-tracking intelligence firm Jon Peddie Research.

In its newest report, JPR analysts project that discrete graphics cards (the ones that do not come constructed into the CPU) will attain 26% of the total industry by 2025.

Of that discrete GPU space, Nvidia continues to dominate. It tends to make up 81% of the total whilst AMD represents the remaining 19%.

But the large Q1 highlight is the continued, unprecedented demand for computing devices. Device suppliers shipped 89 million notebooks in the quarter, which is an all-time record, according to JPR. The target for hardware firms is to capitalize on remote workers and students seeking for Chromebooks and laptops to assistance with jobs and college.

JPR expects this surge to taper off rapidly. While notebook sales improved 49% year-more than-year in Q1, firms are forecasting a year-more than-year development of about 4% for Q2. And JPR founder and president Jon Peddie claims this puts some device makers in a challenging position in which they could overextend themselves to meet a demand that could shrivel away more than the next year.

“The risk is that semiconductor suppliers will be lured into over-reaction and believe that suddenly, hundreds of millions of new users have appeared and the demand will stay high,” mentioned Peddie. “That’s not only not realistic, it’s also not true. Where are [these new users] coming from? Not this planet.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz

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