Smart Ways to Save Your Money on Wedding Photography

Photography is an indispensable part of every wedding. Previously it was limited to engagement day and wedding day only.

Changing times have saved date photos, wedding trailers, and wedding photography, and so on. Grooms and professional photographers are thinking of more ways to make a wedding memorable. Having a wedding photographer is a must; there are many ways you can keep wedding photography on your budget.

We do not need experts to tell you that wedding photographs are important: they are one of the most special memories you will ever have. As your children see their children through them and after them, you both browse many times, remembering the best day of your life.

There is no substitute for having a photographer your whole day, however, if you are on a very tight budget, it is still possible to get an exceptional photographer while saving and sticking to the budget you worked on – or we’re working for you with our super powerful free budget tool.

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Determining a budget for wedding photography can be very confusing and challenging. This is usually even more confusing when we look at the options in the middle section.

If your budget is low or you are at the high end of the budget, the options are usually clear. Midsegment is a place where you cannot decide whether you want to put budget or quality first.

You can avoid paying too much for photography if you follow these tips.

Custom-Made is Good

Instead of a set wedding package, see how much your wedding photography prices will change if you opt for line-item customization. Some expensive wedding packages may have services you don’t really want, such as leather albums or physical proofs.

Always Negotiate

Even if you meet with top photographers, this does not mean that they do not want to offer their customers the most competitive rates. If you book a day other than off-season or Saturday they are more likely to negotiate.

Also, always mention who suggested you who might discount you. We suggest meeting with multiple photographers, so you can compare packages and costs.

With our chosen photographer, our engagement session, album, and many prints are included in our package, not provided by each photographer we meet. Bottom line: you never know what you might get if you don’t ask!

Skip the Photographer Wedding Album

Having your wedding photographer has an album for you is great if you have a budget; it is not 100% necessary. Yes, they have a great eye and can choose the best photos… but you can do that too!

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There are so many great online wedding album companies, that you can save money if you go with one of them. And, if you know which wedding photos you like the most, you have complete control over the flow of the album and you can easily create copies for your family and friends too.


If you have a wedding outside, you will have to pay for your photographer’s transportation, board, and accommodation. It may be more economical-prudent to look for a wedding photographer in the same geographical area or in the state where you are organizing your wedding.

Ask About Photographers in Training

While this is not technically a way to save money, it is definitely a way to get a little more for your dollar. Most photographers have trained assistants, so by asking your photographer if you can bring one of them along, you can capture some more great moments. It’s two photographers for one price!

Select the Combined Photography and Videography Package

Managing your wedding photos and videos with a single studio will save you some money on both of these.

It is a good idea to look for a studio that offers both. The packages are more affordable and you will also benefit from the added convenience of dealing with just one team.

When checking package deals, always compare them to the cost of personal services. In some cases, a package can prove expensive, so you should be prepared.

Also, make sure that the terms of the package agreement are adequate. You need to know exactly how many pictures you are going to get.

Prefer Local Photographer

Most photo and video professionals place a portion of their fees on travel times, from places and in the middle, but, if asked, often grant discounts if you have your wedding and reception in one place or if your sites are close to each other.

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It’s always easier if you work with a professional who is still trying to establish their position, but you’ll get what you pay for.

However, Photographers enthusiastically replace inexperience and a ton of creativity. As a result, the result is great and it doesn’t cost you a ton of money.

Do not underestimate the potential of young Photographers. Choosing that professional for the job is one of the easiest ways to save money and get a beautiful result at the same time.