Four Online Tools That Students Love To Use Every Day

When you come across any challenging assignment topic, the first thing you want to do is look for an essay writer online who will write the paper on your behalf. However, when you look for online writing services, you realise they’re not the cheapest option out there. Not every student can afford to spend hundreds of dollars just for one assignment. In such cases, you have the option of using free online tools to improve your paper. In this article, you’ll find the four commonly used online resources students use worldwide and their most significant advantages.

Plagiarism checker

Students usually type “Write my essay for me” when they look for professional writers who can help them write plagiarism-free assignments. Plagiarism is the biggest taboo in academic writing, and if your professor notices such an offence in your work, they will cancel your paper. To avoid this scenario, you can use an online plagiarism detector tool such as or to check whether your work contains any plagiarism so that you can rectify it.

Word counter tool

Your professors will provide you with a guideline with your assignments to find all details related to the word count of your paper. Many students do not follow this step thoroughly and end up writing too little or exceeding the limit. Both of these will ensure you get low grades on your essay. Using a word counter tool for your affordable paper will help make it easier for you to maintain the proper word count.

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Paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing is a skill that many students cannot master quickly. When you’re writing your essays, you must paraphrase your words. Otherwise, your work will be full of plagiarism, and you’ll have no option but to depend on a professional essay writer to help you out with your paper. Therefore, before you submit your assignment, you can use a paraphrasing tool like to go through your essay and fix the parts you need to paraphrase.

Essay typer tool

Sometimes, you might get some complicated essay topics that leave you utterly helpless about how you should approach them. During such times, you can use an essay typer too, like All you have to do is provide the topic, and this tool will automatically type out an entire essay for you. However, it would be best if you were careful not to submit this automated essay. Instead, you can use it as a sample to help you with your research on the topic.

You’ll find various other free resources online to use so that you do not have to depend on an assignment writing service. However, if you feel that your assignment is too challenging for a free tool, you can hire cheap essay writers online.

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Summary: Getting help for your assignment is much easier when you use free online resources, thereby ensuring you don’t spend a cent. This article will cover the most common tools that students use to improve their assignment quality.

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