10 Quick & Easy Ways To Increase Conversions in 2021

The pandemic has changed the business strategies completely and more and more people are now preferring to build a virtual shop and make money. In 2021, businesses are focused to make an online presence and reach to a wider audience. Not only businesses but customers are also preferring online shopping, therefore it is essential to follow effective strategies to fetch good traffic.

Getting clicks on your site is amazing but there is no point of such visits if they don’t convert into a sale. This indeed is more disappointing as you need more conversions otherwise it is a total waste of money, time and your efforts. If you are also seeking help to increase your conversion rate, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss 10 easy tips to boost your conversion rate and generate revenue.

#1. Call To Actions

When any customer lands on your landing page, he is supposed to fill in some information. It may be a data form, a newsletter subscription of a lead generation. Call to Actions are something that asks customer to do whatever asked.

These are an important aspect and using them strategically will improve your conversion rate. Proper placement of CTAs ensures that the user will follow the instructions and hit the button. These should be placed right above the fold and not on the top of the page.

#2. Load Speed

Page Load Speed is another important factor that can be considered to increase conversions. If your website’s load speed is slow, you might lose some sales.

In 2021, no one has time to wait for longer and if your page does not load instantly, visitors will hit the back button. Therefore, the faster your website is, the more conversions you will have.

Statistics show that even big giants lose a huge amount of sale figure for delayed load response. Every one-second delay in page load causes Amazon to lose $1.6 billion of annual losses.

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#3. Secure Payments and Free Shipping

Customers are very conscious about their security and if you want them to trust you, you must follow all the methods to keep their information secure. Displaying small details like verification tags, trust symbols such as SSLs or VeriSign can make a huge difference. This way people will feel secure and your leads will have a good conversion rate.

People won’t mind spending thousands of bugs in buying your product but if they see “shipping charges” term in their cart amount, they will hit a back button. Shipping is another important aspect that impacts conversions. Having a free shipping policy will convert your leads.

#4. Mobile-Friendly Site

This has been recommended as the most popular trend in 2021. Your website must be mobile-friendly as users find it convenient to browse anything from their smartphones or tablets. If you are not optimizing it for mobile, you may miss a lots of conversions. Therefore, if you are done with the web version, it’s time to be responsive for mobile.

#5. Display Reviews and Testimonials

These days, reviews affect a lot of buying decisions. People go through reviews and ratings of products, services, hotels, flights everything. Displaying positive reviews about your business or product will have a great impact on your visitors. And be authentic is showing them as buyers are very smart and they may differentiate between the fake and the original one.

#6. A Clean Landing Page

Landing pages are majorly responsible to execute call to action. They have the power to convert your lead into a sale. If your landing page is confusing or distracts your leads then you may end up in losing sales. It must not have any unnecessary content like sidebars, texts, media or other links. Keep your landing page clean and crisp to increase conversions.

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#7. Use Catchy Headlines

Visitors get attracted to effective and catchy headlines. Your whole sales pitch is wrapped up in one sentence and that is your headline. Keeping your headline impactful and catchy will promote lead generation. Create headlines that are

  • Commanding
  • Direct
  • Question
  • Instructional
  • Problem Solving

#8. Simple Navigation

Visitors do not like confusing and lengthy websites. They want a simple shopping experience. Your website navigation must be simple for visitors so that they may browse it all just in one go. Simplified navigation will boost your conversion rate and generate more sales.

#9. Limit Product Quantity

A quick and easy approach to create a sense of urgency among customers is to show limited quantity of any product. The quantity of your product will impact the buying decision of visitors. If something isn’t available in large quantities, people place an order very quickly. This small change can improve your sales and conversions.

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#10. Exclusive Content

Last but not least. Content is everything. Even if you own an e-commerce portal, your content, articles, blogs should be effective enough to pitch more and more sales. Users love unique content so be authentic and share your experiences while writing.

We hope by following all these quick tips, you should succeed in increasing your conversion rate and boost sales