5 Important Strategies to Maximize the Conversion Rate in an Online Business

Having an online business with good traffic volume is not sufficient to enhance the revenue until a properly crafted strategy to achieve a better conversion rate is in place. Despite having a good search engine optimization campaign, businesses fail to achieve the desired growth in their revenue performance. A proper strategy considering the below mentioned factors would help an online business like Student Life Saviour to achieve a better conversion rate within its customers:

Design an Appealing Website: The design of a website is the most important factor in achieving a better conversion rate among customers. The website needs to be designed in a manner that appeals its customers and persuade them to navigate the entire site. Many a times, it is seen that visitor hardly waits for one minute on a website and never visits the important pages on it. It should be visually appealing with little text on it, and appropriate color combination together with proper navigation to move from one page to another. According to an article on website design and conversion rates, a website needs to be intuitive and user friendly in order to achieve a better conversion rate.

Smooth Ordering Process: Ordering process is one of the most important elements in determining conversion rate among customers. A complex ordering process with so many unnecessary details often frustrates the user and they end up with not filling the form completely and leave the site. It is better to have important sections only that require basic information needed to complete the order. The process should be smooth enough to allow the user to edit the order details at checkout. It is quite frustrating for the users to fill the order form again to make changes to their orders. By considering these basic points in the order form, it can be possible to have a better conversion rate among customers, as they would be happier to fill the basic details to complete the ordering process.

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Offer Lucrative Discounts: Offering good discounts can be an effective strategy in attracting and retaining customers. Discounts are preferred by everyone and by offering good discount on products and services, an online retailer can achieve maximum with tension among its customers. Chances of conversion are higher in case of an online retailer offering lucrative discounts compared to another vendor offering no discounts. There are different discounting strategies that can be applied depending on the nature of products and services offered, but they should offer real benefit to end customers in order to ensure their positive conversion.

Wide Number of Payment Options: Limited payment options can also be a major factor for non conversion of potential customer into sales. Some websites offers limited payment options which make it difficult to the user to initiate payments. By allowing users to use regionally preferred payment methods, businesses can achieve cross border conversions easily which would add up to their total revenue positively. Wide range of options including wire transfer, payment through debit card and credit card, and other important online mode should be accepted. These wide ranges of options allows the user in completing the transaction easily without any problem and the online provider can easily ensure maximum conversion rate within its potential customers.

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Live Chat Integration: Live chat support is also an important feature that needs to be integrated by an online service provider in order to provide immediate assistance to the users. The absence of an online chat system makes it difficult and time-consuming for the users to clarify their queries. Live chat system allows immediate consultation to the users for all their queries related to the company’s products and services, and they can immediately take their purchase related decisions. This ultimately increases the conversion rate and benefits the firm in terms of increased revenue performance.

With these few basic requirements, it can be possible for an online provider to achieve maximum conversion rates within the potential visitors.