How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Helps SMBs?

Small and medium business owners and managers confront a lot of difficult circumstances. They handle business operations alongside managing the workforce of a central IT infrastructure, high maintenance cost, scaling of the business according to the requirement, and much more. 

The virtual desktop is hosted and provided by the cloud service provider is known as desktop as a service (DaaS). It has multiple desktops supported by a cloud service provider. The features offered by DaaS are data storage, backup, application upgrades, and security.

The accessibility of a desktop depends on a cloud-based network and the internet connection. Even some of the services are allowed for a limited time of operation if they are offline. The payment mode is available on a pay-as-you-use subscription.

DaaS is a platform for small and medium business owners that offers organized budgeting, enhanced security, and provides scalability over the on-premises desktops. 

Desktop As A Service Helps SMBs 

Desktop as a service is a better option for SMB because they get an infrastructure with a virtual desktop that is a cost-effective strategy over the on-premises desktop solutions. 

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Nowadays, this service is getting popular among the SMBs due to the following reasons:

  • Productivity

The concept of virtual desktops gives leverage to the employee’s access from any PC, laptop, or mobile device to work conveniently. If your work is associated with some urgent working or any touring job, then your employees don’t need to access their systems necessarily through on-premises desktops. Therefore, the productivity of your business doesn’t get hampered due to geographical constraints.

  • Cost-Effective

The virtual desktops available with the cloud-based service works on high performance, and the business owners don’t have to spend any additional costing for purchasing those systems. The service provider takes care of the maintenance and security of the systems.

  • IT Infrastructure

Licenses and deployment of applications are necessary with the on-premises desktop solutions. Whereas, with cloud-based desktop service, your software and IT infrastructure needs get covered under the monthly or annual subscription plans. 

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  • Scaling of your business

You can customize the payment and the scaling of your business as per your requirement. You have to pay only for those services that you are using. If you want to scale up or down your business expansion as per the need, you have to pay only for that period, and after that, you can minimize that costing as required.

  • Centralized data-center

By using personal computers, you have decentralized data, and it is kept separate in each system. In a company server, the duplication of the data takes place. Files and documents in the systems get revised, but still, the saved information is different. With a centralized data center, you will have administrative control in your business, and it gives you flexible situations to expand your business. 

  • Data Security

In the DaaS service, your data storage is centralized that enhances the security of your data. Instead of sending the documents via email, you can share the files and their links. This practice keeps your data security intact and, along with automated backups and disaster recovery systems, ensures your business continuity. 

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  • Avoid additional costing

In a cloud service, you get round-the-clock technical support. You will get technical support anytime for the issues relevant to your cloud network, so your personal IT team can focus on future IT strategies. You don’t need to hire a specific skilled IT team to handle cloud services, as it’s taken care of by service providers. 

  • Integration with devices

Employees using DaaS service at SMBs can seamlessly integrate with the local devices like printers or local network file servers. They can freely use the on-premises IT resources without any particular integration and any complex workarounds. 

  • Quick Setup

Usually, the IT team is responsible for providing the desktop and access to the employees, and sometimes it takes time for this process. In the DaaS service, the employees will get their device and access instantly to start working in the company asap. 

  • Steady Experience

Migrating the setup from on-premises to cloud is challenging work for the employees and owners. People who use their desktops mostly like to experience the same environment without undergoing any new learning of an application or new login tools for their working.

DaaS platform supports the exact window-based desktops so that the employees will have consistent experience while working. By using this service, staff can use the same interface and set of applications well-known to them. 

  • Convenient Collaboration

Nowadays, while working in any organization employees, prefer sharing desktop screens or files instead of sending emails. It’s a better way of collaborating with the teams. For example, if a team is working on a project, then by sharing the desktop, they can minimize the sharing of files or data between multiple systems to enhance productivity. 

DaaS offers adequate security and privacy to the employees while sharing their cloud desktops. They can keep different accounts that other employees also can access. 

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For Successful deployment of DaaS 

With appropriate business analysis, you can choose the right DaaS service for your business. The factors are listed below to consider while selecting the correct service :

  • You can do a business analysis and evaluate the desktop application need of your employees. You might get to know that you can use much better and faster options for your business.
  • You can check for the right software solution for the deployment of your DaaS service.
  • You should imply DaaS policy and conduct training for your employees.
  • You require an internet connection with robust bandwidth, also internet backup resources. 

All in all, by using DaaS in your small and medium business, you can ensure improved productivity of your IT staff and other employees. Employees won’t be confined to particular desktops or laptops to check and amend the files. The DaaS providers take care of the installation and updating of the systems, and it helps the IT team to focus on other crucial plannings and projects of the business.