Top 5 Website Layouts For Your Next Web Design Project

Choosing a website layout can be tricky. Hence, you have to be intentional while making your decision. This is because a great choice of the website layout can majorly determine the success of your website. Whereas if you do even the slightest wrong with your design, there will be higher chances that you will make the visitors confused with complicated user experience and end up losing them. Hence, it is very important to have a clear idea about the layout before you actually build your website or invest in professional web design and development services. This is important as the layout of the website not only makes the content stand out but also helps you provide your visitors with a smooth user experience.

Therefore, you should choose a user-friendly layout for your website because that can ensure that your users stay on your website longer and pay attention to what you offer to them. This will not only help you enhance the level of interaction on your website but will also contribute to your sales

So, to give you a better understanding, let us discuss some of the top 5 different website layouts for your next web design project


Let us start off with the F-shaped website layout as it is one of the most common ones. This is because it has been proven that most of the users prefer to read the blocks of text in an F pattern. In simple words, readers prefer to scan in two horizontal lines before getting into the information and creating an F pattern. This is the reason why many websites use the F-shape pattern when they have a lot of options to choose from. So, you need to prioritize your content even before you get started with the designing process as it will help you put relatively more important elements first to your users. This directly adds to the arrangements of the information on the site.


This Z-shape layout is similar to the F-shape layout as it also aims to track the viewing habits of the visitors. It is quite an acknowledged fact that users tend to scan from top left to top right and then they diagonally come down to the bottom left to the bottom right. However, there’s a slight difference between both Z-shape and F-shape layouts as the Zigzag layout which is known as Z-shape layout is better for pages that have goals like a landing page that indicates to sign up for a service. You just have to couple the images with a slider with multiple images to keep your users interested and their attention intact.

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Now comes the split-screen layout which refers to screens that are split horizontally or vertically, sometimes either of these two and someones both. Moreover, this layout is often used for websites that split their offer into different categories like gender, age groups, or e-commerce & modeling agencies. You just have to keep the content to a minimum with a split-screen. This way you will have to crowd your website with numerous content and images.

Magazine Style

This layout is most celebrated among media publications as the magazine-style layout is based on grids. As a result, it helps to systematically present a huge amount of content to the visitors without crowding their screen. It will also allow website managers to conveniently assign an easy-to-comprehend hierarchy for the content which can help the users to understand what is relatively important and recent while they read it. Also, if your website is a content-heavy site, you must go with a magazine-style layout.

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Full Photo 

Finally, speaking of the full-photo website layout, it provides users with a considerably large featured image with relatively smaller bits of content on the top. This will help you portray your products in a more sophisticated manner. However, you need to maintain the creativity and quality of the images as it will help you showcase your products more dynamically. It will help you grab the attention of your users and make them stay longer on your site. But you need to make sure that your images are compatible enough with all devices including mobile devices to ensure a better user experience.

Summing up, these are some of the top 5 website layouts for your next web design project that can help you have a wonderful designing experience. But do you know what else can work in your favor to create brilliant web design? Well, definitely a professional web agency like Auxesis Infotech that not only has years of experience but also possesses the right set of resources to cater to you in the best way possible.

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